Statement on Israel and Morocco normalisation agreement

BITUD welcomes the new ties of normalisation between Israel and countries throughout the middle east and north Africa. The new accords bring in a new era of cooperation and peaceful relations after many decades of hostility and non-recognition. 


The new agreements will also bring trade and future prosperity as well as easing long held prejudices and negative portrayal of Israel and Israelis that can only help the development of mutual respect for different peoples within the region. This is especially true within Morocco. There is a long history of Jewish life and communities in Morocco, however many of them and their decendents now live in Israel after fleeing but would now have the opportunity to foster relations and exchanges with Morocco, the country of their heritage.


BITUD is clear that none of these recognition arrangements should not in anyway undermine the need for a two-state solution to the Israel Palestinian conflict nor the need for a just settlement for the people of Western Sahara. We hope that an incoming US administration works to resolve with energy and vigour the two conflicts whilst supporting the new era of peace and recognition in the region.