Activists Training Day, 22 January 2017

The third major gathering of pro-Israel, anti-boycott activists from UK trade unions took place on Sunday 22 January 2017 art ORT House in Camden.


The event was jointly organised by w Trade Union Friends of Israel (TUFI) and We Believe in Israel (WBII).


Members of a variety of different trade unions, came together from across the UK to learn from each other  on how to effectively oppose boycotts in Israel and promote a more educated debate in their unions which would aid Israeli and Palestinian workers, rather than one sided condemnation of Israel. Those attending were also given an insight in to Israeli trade unionism and specifically about the work of Histradut (Israel’s TUC) and its work to bring Israeli and Palestinian workers together.


Keynote speakers included :


•        Dave Rich – Deputy Director of Communications for the Community Security Trust and author of “The Left’s Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel & Antisemitism”

•        Joan Ryan MP – Chair of Labour Friends of Israel

•        Michael Leahy OBE – Chair of TUFI and former General Secretary of Community Trade Union

•        Richard Angell, Director of Progress think tank

•        A Histradut speaker

•        Grassroots trade union activists.


We Believe in Israel Director Luke Akehurst said:


“ It is We Believe in Israel’s priority to work to create a situation where the threats of boycotts of Israel and delegitimisation of Israel in the British trade union movement recedes. This third training day showed there are grassroots trade union activists out there ready to join us in the fight to create this situation.


TUFI Director Steve Scott said:


“This event boosted TUFI’s work in opposition to boycotts of Israel and gave trade union activists who share our values and want to be involved in our work to encourage the British Trade Union movement to take an educated position on Israel which benefits both Israeli and Palestinian workers, whilst not delegitmising or boycotting Israel.”